• The BRAHE Corporation delivers solutions to complex problems in aerospace, information, and defense technology. We are known for our in-depth knowledge and research for far-reaching planning and near-term execution.

  • The BRAHE Corporation uses advance analytical and graphical tools for simulating, planning, modeling, and predicting. We assist with regulatory affairs and public policy.

  • The BRAHE Corporation has an extensive background staying on the cusp of new science and developments in aeronautical, space systems engineering, material engineering, high energy physics, mechanical engineering, highly energetic material, CBRN, systems architecture and subject matter expertise for the federal government and military.

  • The BRAHE Corporation uses state-of-the-art analysis tools. We are researchers of the latest technical developments with hands-on experience, and look for synergy with other agencies. We provide the 'expandable bandwidth' for heavy use times in organizations. Precise, accurate, and timely.

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