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Specific Areas of Expertise

We at BRAHE Corporation bring our clients confidence with competent skills sets such as:

  • Management/engineering of advanced technology development, test, and evaluation of systems; space experiment planning; test data analysis; interceptor system simulation; missile defense architecture examination consultants; and Eastern and Western test range operations and launch requirements.

  • We have managed and supplemented major multi-million dollar technical support efforts for various industry and government organizations, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), Missile Defense, and national laboratories.

  • BRAHE Corporation supports planning in science and technology on the Hill. We are subject matter experts in launch systems, nanotechnology, missile defense, network centric warfare, biometrics, and organizational communications.

  • We are certified program managers experienced in major systems programmed in large funding amounts.

  • BRAHE Corporation provides program results using capabilities and milestone management techniques.

Technology Assessments

Our technology assessments include analysis of the following areas:

  • Research government issues for policy and budgeting

  • White papers, analysis, and graphical depictions of findings

  • On-orbit robotics, avionics, power, buses; real-time navigation; Trident FBM; space-based interceptors; C4ISR; nuclear effects; technology readiness level assessments; urban combat techniques; radar applications; formation flying; atmospheric and ionospheric sounding; GPS and inertial navigation systems; microgravity and space processing; space/terrestrial integration; radar applications; cruise/ballistic missile defense; flexible organic technology; air-to-ground weapons applications; directed energy and alternatives; responsive space; TSAT; space radar; EMP; EMC; ground combat vehicles; EM transportation and weapons; and conventional and advanced launched systems. - - 703-533-1566 - 571-215-3680